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Landscape Prints by Artists

Greetings contemporary art fans, and welcome to the contemporary art world of (relatively) new (to us, anyway) and terribly exciting landscape artist, Alan Furneaux. A thoroughly modern artist who’s so good at what he does, a percentage of his uniqu ..... view full range of Alan Furneaux's work »

Whilst sadly, English watercolour artist, Alan Ingham is no longer with us after passing in 2002, his work and collections live on and still enjoy their rightful and justified place, ranked as they are amongst the country’s best contemporary paintin ..... view full range of Alan Ingham's work »

Alison's atmospheric oil paintings are vibrant and seductive and focal points for any space. By expressing the power of light playing amongst the water drops, this artist shows the abstract, surreal side to the natural world. Her seascapes follow a ..... view full range of Alison Johnson's work »

One of celebrated contemporary animal and wildlife artist, Anthony Gibbs’ first visual muses were cowboys. Developing what he refers to as a fascination with all things Wyatt Earp in junior school, Gibbs would paint endless pictures of rootin’ tooti ..... view full range of Anthony Gibbs's work »

There’s a symmetry and dimensional balance to a signature Barbara James composition which should be unnerving on first glance, yet is quite the disarming opposite. A love of the sea and a healthy respect for the typical British coastline transpires ..... view full range of Barbara James's work »

Family trees and finding about your ancestors is interesting at the best of times, as we strive to discover just who we�re all connected to. And not in a social networking fashion; we�re talking about something far more substantial than that. Le ..... view full range of Ben Jeffery's work »

Skies tend to dominate contemporary landscape artist, Ben Payne’s hallmark compositions, which is no bad thing, especially when they’re as fulsomely spectacular as he depicts them by force of habit. Although there’s a liberal smattering of beaches a ..... view full range of Ben Payne's work »

Think of Gotham City, only less futuristic, yet equally as dark and brutish. Or perhaps the streets of Sherlock Holmes’ Victorian London. Often by night, the streetlights catch the city streets beneath in an eerie gaslight glow. However stop for a s ..... view full range of Bob Barker's work »

Question: What naturally occurring phenomenon takes place when a love of urban architecture and a passion for popular culture collide?

Answer: Contemporary artist, Brian Shepherd does. Or more precisely, Shepherd’s signature compositions d ..... view full range of Brian Shepherd's work »

With an unswerving passion and artistic quench for the illustrative delights of Italy, with a strong emphasis on the seascapes and architecture redolent of this spectacular corner of the world, much celebrated contemporary landscape artist, Cecil Ri ..... view full range of Cecil Rice's work »

Contemporary artist, Charles Rowbotham benefits from a robust and almost clinical fascination with people on the street, and more pertinently, their interactions – however circumspect and seemingly trivial to the casual observer – with their immedia ..... view full range of Charles Rowbotham's work »

Grandparents usually have a crucial role in painting vivid pictures of a bygone era in the hearts and minds of the young, when they’re not plying them with fizzy pop and an unhealthy smorgasbord of calorific cake delights invented by Mr Kipling. And ..... view full range of Cyril Croucher's work »

Critically-acclaimed contemporary figurative and portrait artist, Darren Baker was born into what he himself refers to as an ordinary working class family in 1976. A point of constant humour as a child being that Baker’s father was just that; a bake ..... view full range of Darren Baker's work »

David Farren was born in Wiltshire in 1972 and studied art in Bristol. He works from his home studio based in Lancashire when he is not on location, painting. David Farrens work captures the vibrance, individuality and ambience of European and Ameri ..... view full range of David Farren's work »

David Shepherd left school in the 1930's and travelled to Kenya to pursue his dream of becoming a game warden.The National Parks did not accept him for the post so he had no choice but to return to England where his only two options were to drive a ..... view full range of David Shepherd's work »

Debra Stroud first laid claim to her artistic gift at the grand old age of two and half years, when she immediately peeled off the nursery freeze that her mother had just secured to the wall moments earlier. Stopping short of citing ‘artistic differ ..... view full range of Debra Stroud's work »

so what do we know about leading contemporary landscape artist, Dion Salvador Lloyd, other than he shares his middle name with a famous Surrealist artist whom he was named after? Well, according to his Twitter feed (yes, it’s 2013, so we don’t have ..... view full range of Dion Salvador Lloyd's work »

They say that that life on the sea shapes many men’s lives beyond the ordinary, and that’s a theory that celebrated landscape artist, Duncan MacGregor could well empathise with as someone who’s days have never been pitched too far away from the coas ..... view full range of Duncan MacGregor's work »

Critically acclaimed contemporary cityscape artist, Dylan REALLY goes to illustrative town on his typically larger (and wobblier) than life compositions, as viewed hereabouts. His famed wibbly-wobbly buildings and iconic landmarks, visually executed ..... view full range of Dylan Izaak's work »

It’s not just what’s in the air that captivates acclaimed fine artist, Gerald Coulson, but the views found directly beneath his exquisite and dynamic paintings of aircraft. So, be they airborne examples of Britain’s historical military heritag ..... view full range of Gerald Coulson's work »

Contemporary figurative, landscape and animal fine artist, Hazel Soan is a name that might well resonate with Channel 4 viewers as she’s the resident art expert on the TV station’s successful painting series, ‘Watercolour Challenge’. Or if not, perh ..... view full range of Hazel Soan's work »

After turning his back on finance, Brazilian-born contemporary artist, Henderson Cisz decided to seize the initiative and take a chance on turning his passion for fine art into his next career move, confident that he could make a success of himself. ..... view full range of Henderson Cisz's work »

There’s atmospheric paintings, and then there’s atmospheric paintings by Inam. The Karachi-born and bred artist captures and celebrates the moods, mystery and magnificence of one of nature’s simplest, yet most prolific creations. The humble, yet lif ..... view full range of Inam's work »

With phases like ‘High Flyer, Chasing the Dream, Life in the Fast Lane’ and ‘The American Dream’ you’d be excused for thinking these are working titles to the second sequel to the seminal 1980s movie about the decade’s success, ‘Wall Street’. As opp ..... view full range of James Blinkhorn's work »

What have East Anglia, France and the Caribbean all have in common, save a coastline? The clue of course lies in the question itself, in terms of the association with coastlines. Hence our introduction of respected contemporary landscape fine artist ..... view full range of John Bond's work »

Often being confused on a search engine request for namesake John Holt, the reggae music artist rather than the contemporary landscape artist we’re concentrating on here, our John Holt instantly diffuses the stressful situation with the presentation ..... view full range of John Holt's work »

Born in Maryhill, Glasgow in 1948, John Lowrie Morrison attended Dowanhill Primary before going on to Hyndland Prep and then Hyndland Secondary School, all in Glasgow. At only 17 he exhibited in Glasgow's Civic Art Show and successfully sold his fir ..... view full range of John Lowrie Morrison's work »

Born in 1945, John Myatt grew up as the son of a farmer but upon coming of age attended art school and discovered an innate talent for mimicking other artists' styles. Upon graduation he worked as a songwriter, writing such songs as the single "Sill ..... view full range of John Myatt's work »

Widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s foremost and most versatile oil painters, contemporary landscape and figurative artist, John Waterhouse’s critically acclaimed compositions cover a multitude of highly illustrative bases. From mist-shrouded mou ..... view full range of John Waterhouse's work »

There’s way more to critically acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Jonathan Shaw than first meets the eye. Like for example, the fact that he’s pretty darn useful/good at contemporary figurative art too, which perhaps isn’t as flagged up as it ..... view full range of Jonathan Shaw's work »

Tree of Tranquillity, Tree of Harmony, Twilight Tree, Tree of Patriotism, Tree of Temptation. It’s fair to assume that Darlington’s got a ‘thing’ for trees, as visually substantiated by one of the contemporary artist’s most popular and widely recogn ..... view full range of Kerry Darlington's work »

The Coulson family home was full of art during Lawrence Coulson’s childhood; larger than life, evocative, towering illustrative masterpieces from most notably the one, critically received landscape and aviation artist of his day. That was Coulson’s ..... view full range of Lawrence Coulson's work »

If we were to pen a one sentence bio for exciting contemporary urban landscape artist, Lesley-Ann Derks, then it would read a lot like this; ‘Street scenes. Mostly under the cover of darkness. Often wet. Awesome’. And that would be hitting the nail ..... view full range of Lesley-Anne Derks's work »

‘Natural, meditation, essence, contemplation’ and ‘aspects’ are words, or rather titles, which crop up with regularity when looking through popular contemporary abstract artist, Linda Charles’ works of art. Not that this is A) a bad thing or B) impl ..... view full range of Linda Charles's work »

Popular contemporary landscape artist, Lynn Poland has two further strings to her creative bow, those of still life painting and the capturing of musicians. Yet that’s just in the two dimensional creative locker, as the productive Poland has recentl ..... view full range of Lynn Poland's work »

With his signature works hanging proudly from the walls of such blue chip client’s HQs as Ernst Young Ltd, Glaxo Smithkline Beecham, Egon Zehnder Int, Sumitomo Bank, Morgan Stanley Petro Canada, Bank of England and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office ..... view full range of Mark Godwin's work »

In-demand contemporary landscape and figurative artist, Mark Spain first came to the public’s attention it’s fair to say in 1987, when he was chosen by Kew Gardens to create a collection of etchings to commemorate the re-structuring of one of London ..... view full range of Mark Spain's work »

She may sound like a Russian baddie from a James Bond movie, but the only thing bad about Maya Eventov is her style of art. Bad as in good that is, as is the modern turn (on its head) of vernacular. With a knack for blending oil paint with etching t ..... view full range of Maya Eventov's work »

Leading contemporary fine artist, Nel Whatmore boasts an impressive creative CV to say the least, and one which is ever diverse. Conventional 2D artist, glass sculptor, textile designer, published poet…you name a creative genre and there’s a good ch ..... view full range of Nel Whatmore's work »

There’s a few contemporary artists out there going by the name of Nemo, aswell as a certain animated fish who has a habit of getting lost, yet the one we’re concerning ourselves with here is none other than Victor Colesnicenco. Or Nemo as he’s refer ..... view full range of Nemo's work »

Some contemporary artist’s work hangs from the walls of celebrated collectors, whilst others secure prime time wall space in the most high profile of public places. Like for instance, Hilton International hotels, the Royal London Hospital, the very ..... view full range of Nick Andrew's work »

As a kid it’s fair to say that you’ll do your level best to avoid attending school assembly; which usually means lots of singing, clapping and not a great deal of fun. Acclaimed contemporary fine artist, Nick Potter was fortunate to be good enough a ..... view full range of Nick Potter's work »

Working predominantly in bold, vibrant and pictorially empowering oils, celebrated contemporary landscape artist, Pam Carter should be on the payroll for The Scottish Tourist Board; or its Hebridean Islands off-shoot, such is her passion for the pic ..... view full range of Pam Carter's work »

One of Paul James’s clearest first memories is that of re-creating the likeness of ‘Dr Who’ characters whilst at playschool at around the age of four. Quite how ‘like’ the Daleks and Cybermen they were hasn’t really been established by the now criti ..... view full range of Paul James's work »

A pivotal juncture in celebrated fine artist, Paul Kenton’s formative years was his family’s upping sticks from land-locking Derby, and his birthplace, and relocating to the West Country when he was eight years of age. With the onset of adolescence ..... view full range of Paul Kenton's work »

If Paul Powis’s art was available on your TV screen rather than more typically on canvas, then you’d demand the remote control, just so you could immediately adjust the contrast setting. Or perhaps fettle the brightness control. Not that there’s ANY ..... view full range of Paul Powis's work »

There’s not an awful lot known about Pei Yang. Not that he’s an elusive, shadowy figure like; say famed graffiti artist, Banksy, but more the underlying fact that he’s perhaps not quite as forthcoming as some of his contempories; instead preferring ..... view full range of Pei Yang's work »

A world characterized by astonishing reflections and mesmerising shadows is probably the best way to sum up acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Peter J Rodgers’ work, composed as they are amid powerful and evocative canvases which reach out and ..... view full range of Peter J Rodgers's work »

Funnily enough (for an artist known and admired for his coastal scenes) contemporary landscape canvas and lens exponent, Peter John Fellows was born pretty much in the middle of the UK. The rural village of Dosthill, in completely land-locked Staffo ..... view full range of Peter John Fellows's work »

Master of all fine art trades that he’s ever turned his creative hand to, celebrated abstract, still life and figurative exponent of the brushes, Peter Wileman has been responsible for a diverse array of breath-taking landscape pieces over the last ..... view full range of Peter Wileman's work »

Much celebrated contemporary landscape artist, Philip Gray is seemingly besotted with the ocean and dramatic coastal vistas per se, as anyone who has spared his illustratively towering work a mere cursory glance would concur. Intoxicatingly colourif ..... view full range of Philip Gray's work »

From Jazz musician and restaurateur to artist isn’t the naturally aspired route, or indeed A1 directional path to a career as a professional seascape artist, but it is the one that Philip Raskin chose to walk, and where he looks out from upon today. ..... view full range of Philip Raskin's work »

With a raft of album cover, record sleeve and magazine commissions behind her, as well as the completion of art work on behalf of Paul McCartney’s Music Academy, respected illustrative artist Rebecca Lardner has made something of a name for herself ..... view full range of Rebecca Lardner's work »

Identified as ‘one to watch’ by his secondary school art teachers, well-on-his-way contemporary landscape artist, Reuben Colley was given all the elbow room he required (literally, as he was allowed to restructure the layout of his school art rooms ..... view full range of Reuben Colley's work »

Celebrated contemporary landscape artist, Richard Rowan clearly recounts one of his earliest childhood memories – and one which illustrated his fledgling potential as a future artist-in-the-making – as a six year old growing up in Northampton. Whils ..... view full range of Richard Rowan's work »

Not many contemporary artists can say that painting murals of Ronald McDonald and co in provincial Maccie D’s inspired them to become the recognised, award-winning fine and landscape artists that they are today. However Robert Ford is one such indiv ..... view full range of Rob Ford's work »

Edinburgh-born artist and illustrator, Sir William Russell Flint (to afford him his full title) was especially known for his epic watercolour portrayals of womenfolk; often caught in various stages of undress. When Flint wasn’t depicting the precise ..... view full range of Russell Flint's work »

There’s much more to acclaimed fine artist and photographer, Steven Townsend’s portfolio than merely stunning animal and wildlife compositions. Not that there’s anything ‘mere’ about Townsend’s illustratively dramatic and graphically compelling back ..... view full range of Steven Townsend's work »

Susan is an elected member of both the Chartered Society of Designers and the Society of Architectural Illustrators. Official recognition has also come in the form of awards at the Laing Art Competition, Hunting Art Prizes and Singer & Friedlander/S ..... view full range of Susan Brown's work »

Bright, atmospheric, enigmatic, intoxicating, ethereal. Do you want us to go on? If so, we can run to many more superlatives which describe hugely popular contemporary landscape artist, Terry Donnelly’s work to a tee. Trust us with this. More often ..... view full range of Terry Donnelly's work »

You can’t keep a good man down, and the same applies for those slightly more wicked. And a certain Timmy Mallett unapologetically fell into the later camp it has to be said. Wickedly funny that is. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s Mallett was omnipres ..... view full range of Timmy Mallett's work »

Like many artists Wendy Corbett trained as a teacher, and after realising this was not for her she did what she could to make a living whilst trying to get ahead in the world of art. Wendy Corbett is a self taught artist and works mainly in pastel, ..... view full range of Wendy Corbett's work »

“I believe everybody has the ability to create great paintings and drawings, the true trick though is knowing how to see with an artist’s eye….. and this I can teach you.” These are the words of contemporary landscape artist, Will Kemp, whose first ..... view full range of Will Kemp's work »