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Figurative Prints by Artists

Old ladies exchanging chitter-chatter on street corners, that exhausted old man plotting his coordinates homeward after a long, hard day or that little dog marking its territory on the lamppost in the middle distance. These images and much more besi ..... view full range of Alexander Millar's work »

There’s not many of the current batch of contemporary fine artists who can touch Anna Razumovskaya when it comes to the exacting visual representation of the classic female form and function in oils and acrylics, and even less who can inject such a ..... view full range of Anna Razumovskaya's work »

Austin was a name synonymous with car-making in the West Midlands of the UK in the 1930s, whilst as most of us know, it’s also a place in Texas, America. Austin is also the Christian name that Mr and Mrs Moseley of Tiverdale, Staffordshire (also loc ..... view full range of Austin Moseley's work »

Communes and artists go together like fish and chips, but not always in the happy, clappy peace and campervan love way of lazy stereotype we’ve all been made aware of from time to time by the ‘media’. Instead there are hundreds of contemporary artis ..... view full range of Bill Bate's work »

Without it seems ever referring to them as mermaids, exciting contemporary figurative artist, Charlotte Atkinson appears to craft a justifiable successful living from creating the unique, illustrative likeness of the mythical creatures of the sea. H ..... view full range of Charlotte Atkinson's work »

Born in London in 1957, Chris Bennett studied under Geoffrey Camp, Phil Sutton and Euan Uglow at the Slade School of Fine Art in the early eighties. Chris Bennetts work is in many prestigious galleries all over the UK. He has exhibited at the London ..... view full range of Chris Bennett's work »

Like so many would-be artists in the younger days making before her and aft, (now) celebrated and very much contemporary figurative artist, Christine Comyn exhibited many of the tell-tale signs that she would grow up to become someone creative whils ..... view full range of Christine Comyn's work »

Memories are everything. Golden. And if you were a child of the 1970s it’s a safe bet to assume that those memories centred on carefree summer afternoon riding your Raleigh Chopper bike, bouncing around on a spacehopper or climbing trees. All whilst ..... view full range of Craig Davison's work »

Critically-acclaimed contemporary figurative and portrait artist, Darren Baker was born into what he himself refers to as an ordinary working class family in 1976. A point of constant humour as a child being that Baker’s father was just that; a bake ..... view full range of Darren Baker's work »

If you’re in the market for gorgeous, invitingly intoxicating paintings of seductive, powerful, typically leggy women looking wistfully, yet purposefully out into the middle distance - like a Grattan catalogue model only with markedly more finesse a ..... view full range of David Farrant's work »

David Shepherd left school in the 1930's and travelled to Kenya to pursue his dream of becoming a game warden.The National Parks did not accept him for the post so he had no choice but to return to England where his only two options were to drive a ..... view full range of David Shepherd's work »

Normally the only type of canines to be presented in cans are hot dog sausages, however of late, acclaimed contemporary fine artist and (now) sculpture artist, Dean Kendrick, has presented his ‘My Pedigree Pals’ series of 12 finely sculptured breeds ..... view full range of Dean Kendrick's work »

As a leading contemporary figurative artist, Domenech chooses to express himself through objects, elements, feelings, balance, meditation, self-reflection, different situations and ultimately, his hallmark figures. But more than anything else, Domen ..... view full range of Domenech's work »

The naked female form is never in safer illustrative hands then when it’s in those of critically acclaimed contemporary figurative realist artist, Douglas Hofmann’s, who’s visual responsibility it is then to tell the story behind the picture through ..... view full range of Douglas Hofmann's work »

Popular culture and the significant and hugely graphical role it historically plays in music, fashion, film, photography and advertising is the element which inspires and motivates leading contemporary figurative artist, Drew Darcy most when the que ..... view full range of Drew Darcy's work »

Emma Grzonkowski always dreamt of being an artist of some description ever since childhood and the hours wiled away sketching to her heart’s content. Something of a perfectionist even back then, she’s become increasingly aggravated with herself if s ..... view full range of Emma Grzonkowski's work »

The (perhaps, lesser known) name Eve Arnold and Marilyn Monroe go hand in hand in the eyes of any followers of the latter’s heyday, as Arnold Monroe’s ‘go-to’ photographer, and the one in whom the fated movie legend trusted more than any other. A we ..... view full range of Eve Arnold's work »

Born in Buenos Aires in 1967 to a Brazilian mother and Argentine father, Fabian Perez was just 9 years of age when he became fascinated with paintbrushes and watercolours. This fascination turned into a passion for fine art in particular as he enter ..... view full range of Fabian Perez's work »

“When a body is caught on film at a slow shutter speed it is abstracted. I quite like that – bits of bodies missing, blurred. It is a bit like a visual puzzle, where the viewer fills in the gaps.” The thoughts put into words of one of the UK’s most ..... view full range of Fletcher Sibthorp's work »

There’s something for every contemporary artistic taste in Gary Benfield’s signature compositional work, bar humourous bovines and full-on nudity. Although having said that there are many straight-faced cows and semi (tastefully) naked female forms ..... view full range of Gary Benfield's work »

Household names from the worlds of entertainment, sport, politics, cinema and music have sat for the hugely popular contemporary figurative and portraiture artist, Gordon King over the years, including the instantly recognizable faces of Sir Norman ..... view full range of Gordon King's work »

It’s hard to appreciate something we can’t see. Something, or rather someone, who fails to make a visible appearance. Yet it’s the unseen which creates most of the buzz, generally in life. Before we’re accused of getting too philosophical, we’re ref ..... view full range of Graham Illingworth's work »

Like a dog (supposedly), but nothing like a dog (really), universally-applauded contemporary figurative artist, Hamish Blakely once saw the world only in monochrome. The would-be/future artist’s black and white existence was only in the 2D form, tha ..... view full range of Hamish Blakely's work »

Women. Strong, powerful, engaging women, play illustratively pivotal roles in a Henry Asencio painting, whilst seductive would be another word widely used to describe a typical piece from the critically acclaimed contemporary abstract figurative art ..... view full range of Henry Asencio's work »

According to his mother, Andres Garcia Ibanez (who henceforth for word count reasons will be referred to simply as, ‘Ibanez’) was painting before he could even walk; and had always dreamed of being an artist. Inspired by his grandfather, Ibanez’s el ..... view full range of Ibanez's work »

Jack Vettriano is something of a late-comer to the whole professional art scene, having not made a name for himself until well into his 30s. And we mean, ‘well into’. That’s not to imply that the uber successful contemporary figurative artist was sa ..... view full range of Jack Vettriano's work »

Exciting contemporary wildlife artist, Janet Treby originates and lovingly creates sublimely gorgeous painted compositions hosting a dazzling array of creatures and animals which engender a sense of tranquillity and inner calm when gazing upon them. ..... view full range of Janet Treby's work »

In a society obsessed with the bigger, bolder, taller, brighter, faster, louder, shinier, it’s something of a welcome change to witness an individual robustly pre-occupied with the simple things. Someone who readily buys into the less is (way) more ..... view full range of Jeff Cornell's work »

Describing herself as an artist and performer, Jen Allen is the bright young hope for contemporary figurative and wildlife art and acknowledged as one of the twin genre’s rising stars. Taking one look at her debut bodies of work, and you soon begin ..... view full range of Jen Allen's work »

According to a certain social and business networking website which remain nameless – but isn’t LinkedIn for those of you asking – celebrated contemporary figurative sculpture artist, Jennine Parker apparently loves girly rom-com movies, dance music ..... view full range of Jennine Parker's work »

Acclaimed contemporary realist artist, John Meyer has had the revered likes of Nobel Peace Prize winners, Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk and renowned concert pianist, Vladimir Horowitz sit for their portraits, as he became known as a court painter t ..... view full range of John Meyer's work »

Spending just a few minutes in the company of celebrated contemporary wildlife artist and sculpture artist, John Mould, listening to him regale you with what inspired him to paint his favoured, animal subject matter in the first instance, and it’s d ..... view full range of John Mould's work »

Born in 1945, John Myatt grew up as the son of a farmer but upon coming of age attended art school and discovered an innate talent for mimicking other artists' styles. Upon graduation he worked as a songwriter, writing such songs as the single "Sill ..... view full range of John Myatt's work »

Widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s foremost and most versatile oil painters, contemporary landscape and figurative artist, John Waterhouse’s critically acclaimed compositions cover a multitude of highly illustrative bases. From mist-shrouded mou ..... view full range of John Waterhouse's work »

There’s not that many contemporary fine artists who admit to having being inspired by the works of painters and decorators we should imagine. But then the painters and decorators which leading UK contemporary figurative artist, Joy Kirton-Smith is r ..... view full range of Joy Kirton Smith's work »

An unusual grounding for a budding artist, but nevertheless one which piqued her interest and paved the way for future creative endeavours, albeit in the more conventional world of contemporary fine art, was Sheffield-born Kay Boyce’s childhood fasc ..... view full range of Kay Boyce's work »

Newcastle born and bred fine artist, Keith Proctor might have been producing stunning paintings all of his life – impressive enough – however on learning that the Geordie has received no formal training as such gives him even more kudos in our book. ..... view full range of Keith Proctor's work »

In 2012 celebrated contemporary fine artist and furniture/furnishings designer (and one time TV stalwart), Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen rounded on Swedish flat-pack kings, Ikea by claiming that their bedrooms furniture designs are – and to quote the form ..... view full range of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen's work »

Sensual 65 might sound like a cool 1970s New York-based night club, frequented by the young, free-spirited, achingly hip and undeniably sexy of the art, movie and music worlds, but you might be surprised to learn that it is instead acclaimed contemp ..... view full range of Mark Holland Hicken's work »

Husband of universally celebrated fine artist, Sherree Valentine-Daines, Mark Rowbotham completes the other 50% of one of the UK’s leading contemporary figurative artist teams. This husband and wife partnership have been responsible for the producti ..... view full range of Mark Rowbotham's work »

In-demand contemporary landscape and figurative artist, Mark Spain first came to the public’s attention it’s fair to say in 1987, when he was chosen by Kew Gardens to create a collection of etchings to commemorate the re-structuring of one of London ..... view full range of Mark Spain's work »

Acclaimed and ever-popular contemporary portrait (and equine AND floral) artist, Melissa Mailer Yates, has been receiving plaudits as a recognised artist since 1979, during which time she’s been commissioned by a variety of the great and good of the ..... view full range of Melissa Mailer Yates's work »

Michael Jackson was born in the North West of England in 1961 and educated at Preston High School. He has always been a keen ornithologist and had a bird sanctuary in his younger years from which taught him about conservation and environmental aware ..... view full range of Michael Jackson's work »

Leading contemporary fine artist, Nel Whatmore boasts an impressive creative CV to say the least, and one which is ever diverse. Conventional 2D artist, glass sculptor, textile designer, published poet…you name a creative genre and there’s a good ch ..... view full range of Nel Whatmore's work »

‘Contemporary, pointilism meets pop art with a modern twist.’ The words of the artist himself in a recent interview when asked to describe his work. An artist who is regularly compared to Pop Art royalty, Warhol and Lichtenstein and who’s been hired ..... view full range of Paul Normansell's work »

Heavy industrial images tend to be the (more than welcome) norm for many an artist who has grown up in and around the North East of England, a proud and resolute region and people who’s previous generations were collectively responsible for the accu ..... view full range of Peter Knox's work »

As the Sixties swung and Britain subverted the old order, photographer Philip Townsend was there to record all the prime people of the time, beautiful and ugly alike: the debs and their beaux, louche lords and club owners, press barons and business ..... view full range of Phillip Townsend's work »

We’ve all fallen for the lounge lizard somewhere down the line. The archetypal smooth, soulful operator who props up the jazz-fusion bar as day turns to night turns to day once more. Reeled in by the decadence and wistful melancholy of a blues ambie ..... view full range of Remi Labarre's work »

Now living and working out of Cardiff in South Wales, contemporary figurative artist (although known in some quarters as a photo-realist artist), Richard Blunt was born and bred in Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Experiencing what he calls your av ..... view full range of Richard Blunt's work »

Not many contemporary artists can say that painting murals of Ronald McDonald and co in provincial Maccie D’s inspired them to become the recognised, award-winning fine and landscape artists that they are today. However Robert Ford is one such indiv ..... view full range of Rob Ford's work »

Born in 1938 in Ohio, Robert Heindel pursued a passion for art all through his early years, displaying a love for drawing as he grew up, sadly this was to be prematurely cut short as he was unable to study art and he took up a position at an art stu ..... view full range of Robert Heindel's work »

Amid a contemporary art world populated by many who are observed to be ‘characters’ and in a fair few cases, ‘somewhat eccentric’, and measured by the very yardstick that habitually refers to them as creative, you’d have to go a long way to find som ..... view full range of Robert Lenkiewicz's work »

Born into a musical and artistic family in Middlesex in 1947, Ronnie Wood was painting and sketching ever since childhood and a long time before he went on to find fame and fortune as a member of one of the most iconic rock bands the world’s ever se ..... view full range of Ronnie Wood's work »

Edinburgh-born artist and illustrator, Sir William Russell Flint (to afford him his full title) was especially known for his epic watercolour portrayals of womenfolk; often caught in various stages of undress. When Flint wasn’t depicting the precise ..... view full range of Russell Flint's work »

Contemporary figurative artist, Sergio Mooro has sensed the compelling urge to create from a very early age. Whilst for most early years learners creating starts and finishes with much fuss/mess and general unruliness, for Mooro the calling was more ..... view full range of Sergio Mooro's work »

Born and bred in Keighley in Yorkshire in 1972, one of the UK’s most acclaimed contemporary figurative artists, Shazia makes a pleasing habit of conjuring up delightful images of small children with exaggerated heads, yet minimalist features, care o ..... view full range of Shazia's work »

Sherree Valentine-Daines is known to many art lovers and collectors (including endorsements from the members of the British Royal Family) for her portraits and figurative work focussing on stars of the stage, screen and sports fields, having built u ..... view full range of Sherree Valentine Daines's work »

Displaying an impressive penchant for capturing a selection of the globe’s female cultural icons – from the worlds of silver screen, fashion, modelling and music – in resplendent, detail-lavish glory, figurative artist Simon Claridge has made it his ..... view full range of Simon Claridge's work »

Acclaimed and much celebrated contemporary sports and figurative artist, Stephen Doig successfully combines his clear love of sport with his candid love of art, a match made in heaven many of you might concur. Although there’d be no ‘might’ about it ..... view full range of Stephen Doig's work »

No subject is off limits for Scottish-born artist, Stuart McAlpine Miller to question and interpret; and if that results in him making a perceived mockery of it, so be it. In fact, subtle ridicule and discreet manipulation of social and political co ..... view full range of Stuart McAlpine Miller's work »

With cries of "It’s who I am, it's in my DNA structure" ringing around you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were deep in conversation with an American rap star or someone with bearing similar levels of overconfidence bordering on egotism. But whi ..... view full range of Temper's work »

There’s something so darn wrong, yet conversely, so right about Todd White’s work that it almost hurts. Retro, yet smack, bang contemporary at the same time. Downright sexy, however equally reserved. With just enough reveal to keep polite circles ha ..... view full range of Todd White's work »

Wu Ching Ju was born in the rural area of Fonglin, Taiwan. Growing up she was fascinated by Chinese ancient traditions and studied oriental humanities in school. She relocated to America aged 22 and was then introduced to an old Chinese artist who t ..... view full range of Wu Ching Ju's work »