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Humour Prints by Artists

The very visual and audio backdrop and soundscape of an overtly fashionable 1960s that was at the vanguard of a generation-defining groundswell of creative and social revolution, formed the scenario in which contemporary artist, A J Callan’s childho ..... view full range of A J Callan's work »

Devonian contemporary humorous figurative artist, Beryl Cook was often overlooked, and sneered at, by snobby art critics who would regularly fail to take her art seriously, yet this didn’t stop the prolific comedically observation brushsmith from be ..... view full range of Beryl Cook's work »

CATS. Now we’re talking. Just who doesn’t (Facebook) ‘like’ a cat. Tom (aka, Tom & Jerry), Top Cat, Sylvester, Garfield, ‘Scratchy’ (offa of ‘The Simpsons), Stimpy, the Pink Panther. OK, OK, the last one might not technically be a CAT cat, more a bi ..... view full range of Bruce Mckay's work »

If you’re in the market for paintings of cows dressed up as superheroes, Batman and Robin then you are in luck; as there’s a contemporary artist out there going by the name of Caroline Shotton who’s a dab hand at capturing our bovine chums in a vari ..... view full range of Caroline Shotton's work »

Whilst we might not know the identity of The Stig, we can reveal just who is found beneath the popular contemporary art mask of, ‘Okse’. Why it’s none other than Chris Oxenbury. Which may or may not come as a surprise to those of you who know Chris ..... view full range of Chris Oxenbury's work »

Grandparents usually have a crucial role in painting vivid pictures of a bygone era in the hearts and minds of the young, when they’re not plying them with fizzy pop and an unhealthy smorgasbord of calorific cake delights invented by Mr Kipling. And ..... view full range of Cyril Croucher's work »

If you like your contemporary art somewhere between Beryl Cook and notorious Pop Artist, Jeff Koons’ ‘Made in Heaven’ series, then chances are that you’ll just love Australian figurative/humourist painter, David Laity’s back catalogue of composition ..... view full range of David Laity's work »

Dogs, cats, pigs and cows. Deliriously happy dogs, cats, pigs and cows. Deliriously happy dogs, cats, pigs and cows gleefully running through summery meadows, gnawing on oversized bones and catching forty winks sat on the moon. These are just some o ..... view full range of Georgia Ducco's work »

Helen Rhodes is not your ordinary, average, every day contemporary artist. Far from it in fact. OK. She clearly paints, with these usually illustratively manifesting themselves as trees, flowers, animals (typically all manner of birds), wildlife-y s ..... view full range of Helen Rhodes's work »

Elvis Pressley, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Bond…they’re all there. Both in 2D form and 3D sculptured presentation if that floats your boat more. Ian Rawling for those of you asking (and thousands do, let us assure you). The acclaimed cont ..... view full range of Ian Rawling's work »

Acclaimed and ever-popular contemporary figurative and humourous artist, Joan Somerville is known for her larger than life (and it’s fair to note, often risqué) caricatures which she admits are drawn from everyday life experiences and interactions w ..... view full range of Joan Somerville's work »

Still life illustrations which toy with our confectionary-receptor emotions found lying (NEVER) far from the surface in our cerebral vortexes, cheeky chappie animal compositions which are positively illuminated with wit and wisdom and a fine line in ..... view full range of Kim Haskins 's work »

They refer to ‘she’ as the cat’s mother. Well they’d be right, whoever ‘they’ are as ‘she’ (Linda Jane Smith) is definitely the cat’s mother. Or their Creator-in-Paint that is. Whole legions of them. As far as the eye can see. Reclining on chase lon ..... view full range of Linda Jane Smith's work »

A word of warning from the off. If you’re not comfortable in company (and by company we mean in excess of 40 people up close and personal) we suggest that you look away now. That’s simply because exciting (and clearly people-person savvy) contempora ..... view full range of Louise Braithwaite's work »

Popular contemporary landscape artist, Lynn Poland has two further strings to her creative bow, those of still life painting and the capturing of musicians. Yet that’s just in the two dimensional creative locker, as the productive Poland has recentl ..... view full range of Lynn Poland's work »

People with hound’s heads in place of their own heads. Every day folk going about their business, walking their dog in the park, posing for a family portrait or just hanging with their friends. Only sporting the head of a hound dog. Reminiscent of t ..... view full range of Michael Abrams's work »

Exciting contemporary fine artist, Paine Proffitt has been on quite the journey to arrive where he is today, both professionally and geographically, collating an enviable collection of Air Miles in the process we would have thought. Although found r ..... view full range of Paine Proffitt's work »

Celebrated contemporary abstract landscape and animal artist, Peter Adderley’s compositions are like a breath of fresh air blowing in and removing the cobwebs gathered by so-so art from the same genre. Adderley’s larger than life studies of all thin ..... view full range of Peter Adderley's work »

Some people always tend to be a bit pessimistic and glum (glass half empty types), whilst others tend to look on the bright side of life (glasses half full peeps); who we salute. But then when you’re sat propped up in a hospital bed as a child, post ..... view full range of Sarah Jane Szikora's work »

His genteel, velvety Irish brogue has entertained legions and (and dare we utter it) generations of radio fans over the past 50 years that he’s been an instantly recognisable voice on the radio and equally so, face on the TV. A long time before subs ..... view full range of Terry Wogan & MAC's work »

There’s something so darn wrong, yet conversely, so right about Todd White’s work that it almost hurts. Retro, yet smack, bang contemporary at the same time. Downright sexy, however equally reserved. With just enough reveal to keep polite circles ha ..... view full range of Todd White's work »

From the London jazz to the Boston maritime scene, via Hampshire landscapes, curious cats, startled cows and much high kicking and black belt-achieving, hugely popular contemporary animal humourist, landscape and various other genres artist, Toni Go ..... view full range of Toni Goffe's work »

Victoria Ball attended the Cheltenham College of Higher Education to study Art and Design, she then went onto to study at the Falmouth College of Arts and graduated with First Class Honours Degree in Illustration. Her first commission was to illustr ..... view full range of Victoria Ball's work »