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Sculpture Prints by Artists

The very visual and audio backdrop and soundscape of an overtly fashionable 1960s that was at the vanguard of a generation-defining groundswell of creative and social revolution, formed the scenario in which contemporary artist, A J Callan’s childho ..... view full range of A J Callan's work »

The humble and otherwise Milky Way Bar set acclaimed contemporary landscape and figurative artist on his way, creatively speaking, back in the mists of time as an art-obsessed 7-year old looking to impress his teacher - and claim the first prize of ..... view full range of Adam Barsby's work »

"If my son doesn't get to see half the wildlife in his lifetime that I've seen, I'll feel very guilty. Rather than become famous as a painter, I would like to be remembered as someone who tried to make people aware of the need to protect the environ ..... view full range of Alan Hunt's work »

Old ladies exchanging chitter-chatter on street corners, that exhausted old man plotting his coordinates homeward after a long, hard day or that little dog marking its territory on the lamppost in the middle distance. These images and much more besi ..... view full range of Alexander Millar's work »

From butterflies, fish and leaves through to frozen water, vessels, flowers and seaforms, Amanda Brisbane is recognized and rightfully regarded as the UK’s foremost sand casted glass artist, and as the list testifies, is more than capable of turning ..... view full range of Amanda Brisbane's work »

There’s not many of the current batch of contemporary fine artists who can touch Anna Razumovskaya when it comes to the exacting visual representation of the classic female form and function in oils and acrylics, and even less who can inject such a ..... view full range of Anna Razumovskaya's work »

Born in 1963, Annora Spence is a graduate of both (then) Liverpool and Birmingham Polytechnics having studied Printed Textiles at both higher educational institutions in the early 1980s. On the conclusion of her advanced studies in the subject at MA ..... view full range of Annora Spence's work »

With a passion for animals, nature and wildlife, acclaimed contemporary sculptor, April Shepherd is responsible for originating fastidiously expressive three dimensional works that focus their visual attentions on the core subject matter of movement ..... view full range of April Shepherd's work »

Austin was a name synonymous with car-making in the West Midlands of the UK in the 1930s, whilst as most of us know, it’s also a place in Texas, America. Austin is also the Christian name that Mr and Mrs Moseley of Tiverdale, Staffordshire (also loc ..... view full range of Austin Moseley's work »

The female form is indeed a joy to behold when executed with an awareness and sense of perfection as to what makes it what it is, and moreover, how design language is imperative to projecting the right visual message, irrespective of what medium it’ ..... view full range of Benson Landes's work »

Think of Gotham City, only less futuristic, yet equally as dark and brutish. Or perhaps the streets of Sherlock Holmes’ Victorian London. Often by night, the streetlights catch the city streets beneath in an eerie gaslight glow. However stop for a s ..... view full range of Bob Barker's work »

Where do mythical gods and goddesses, religious and fictitious characters and world famous footballers sit side by side? Not literally that is, more on a CV? Well the answer is, in celebrated contemporary art sculpture, Carl Payne’s back catalogue o ..... view full range of Carl Payne's work »

If you’re in the market for paintings of cows dressed up as superheroes, Batman and Robin then you are in luck; as there’s a contemporary artist out there going by the name of Caroline Shotton who’s a dab hand at capturing our bovine chums in a vari ..... view full range of Caroline Shotton's work »

Without it seems ever referring to them as mermaids, exciting contemporary figurative artist, Charlotte Atkinson appears to craft a justifiable successful living from creating the unique, illustrative likeness of the mythical creatures of the sea. H ..... view full range of Charlotte Atkinson's work »

Memories are everything. Golden. And if you were a child of the 1970s it’s a safe bet to assume that those memories centred on carefree summer afternoon riding your Raleigh Chopper bike, bouncing around on a spacehopper or climbing trees. All whilst ..... view full range of Craig Davison's work »

Growing up in the 1980s the only tiny, pale brown-coloured characters we recall are TV’s Morph and his mate, Chad; who used to regularly appear on the BBC’s Take Hart programme which was aimed at encouraging kids to take up art. Which some of us dul ..... view full range of Daisy Boman's work »

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama believes that her background in art therapy stood her in good stead for the transition to becoming a fully fledged professional artist. Whilst an art therapist she regularly educated and encouraged people of all ages with a ..... view full range of Danielle O'Connor Akiyama's work »

David Shepherd left school in the 1930's and travelled to Kenya to pursue his dream of becoming a game warden.The National Parks did not accept him for the post so he had no choice but to return to England where his only two options were to drive a ..... view full range of David Shepherd's work »

Debra Stroud first laid claim to her artistic gift at the grand old age of two and half years, when she immediately peeled off the nursery freeze that her mother had just secured to the wall moments earlier. Stopping short of citing ‘artistic differ ..... view full range of Debra Stroud's work »

As a leading contemporary figurative artist, Domenech chooses to express himself through objects, elements, feelings, balance, meditation, self-reflection, different situations and ultimately, his hallmark figures. But more than anything else, Domen ..... view full range of Domenech's work »

Warmth, comfort, belonging, understanding, acceptance, togetherness and respect, along with fun, adventure, exploration and ultimately, love and companionship for life are the words and phrases any fan of contemporary artist, Doug Hyde would use to ..... view full range of Doug Hyde's work »

Popular culture and the significant and hugely graphical role it historically plays in music, fashion, film, photography and advertising is the element which inspires and motivates leading contemporary figurative artist, Drew Darcy most when the que ..... view full range of Drew Darcy's work »

They say that that life on the sea shapes many men’s lives beyond the ordinary, and that’s a theory that celebrated landscape artist, Duncan MacGregor could well empathise with as someone who’s days have never been pitched too far away from the coas ..... view full range of Duncan MacGregor's work »

The (perhaps, lesser known) name Eve Arnold and Marilyn Monroe go hand in hand in the eyes of any followers of the latter’s heyday, as Arnold Monroe’s ‘go-to’ photographer, and the one in whom the fated movie legend trusted more than any other. A we ..... view full range of Eve Arnold's work »

Born in Buenos Aires in 1967 to a Brazilian mother and Argentine father, Fabian Perez was just 9 years of age when he became fascinated with paintbrushes and watercolours. This fascination turned into a passion for fine art in particular as he enter ..... view full range of Fabian Perez's work »

“When a body is caught on film at a slow shutter speed it is abstracted. I quite like that – bits of bodies missing, blurred. It is a bit like a visual puzzle, where the viewer fills in the gaps.” The thoughts put into words of one of the UK’s most ..... view full range of Fletcher Sibthorp's work »

Celebrated and endearingly popular contemporary animal artist, Gary Hodges has long been raising both the profile and moreover, substantial funds for conservation and environmental issues and charitable organisations for as long as he’s been acknowl ..... view full range of Gary Hodges's work »

Not being in receipt of any formal art training hasn’t held contemporary landscape artist Gary Walton back in any way whatsoever, and as is the case with many of his peers successfully carving out a professional art career in this genre, self-taught ..... view full range of Gary Walton's work »

Cheery, breezy and upbeat in the main, contemporary landscape and figurative artist, George Somerville’s keynote paintings capture the very essence of the working man of yore; only at rest and play rather than their place of labour. From walking the ..... view full range of George Somerville's work »

Household names from the worlds of entertainment, sport, politics, cinema and music have sat for the hugely popular contemporary figurative and portraiture artist, Gordon King over the years, including the instantly recognizable faces of Sir Norman ..... view full range of Gordon King's work »

Helen Rhodes is not your ordinary, average, every day contemporary artist. Far from it in fact. OK. She clearly paints, with these usually illustratively manifesting themselves as trees, flowers, animals (typically all manner of birds), wildlife-y s ..... view full range of Helen Rhodes's work »

After turning his back on finance, Brazilian-born contemporary artist, Henderson Cisz decided to seize the initiative and take a chance on turning his passion for fine art into his next career move, confident that he could make a success of himself. ..... view full range of Henderson Cisz's work »

Elvis Pressley, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Bond…they’re all there. Both in 2D form and 3D sculptured presentation if that floats your boat more. Ian Rawling for those of you asking (and thousands do, let us assure you). The acclaimed cont ..... view full range of Ian Rawling's work »

There’s brown, and then there’s BROWN. As we are already well aware mud is brown, as are camels (only a paler brown), whilst pale ale is notoriously brown, as are nuts and assorted pine cones. And Monks habits. But there’s never been a brown as inte ..... view full range of Jennifer Hogwood's work »

According to a certain social and business networking website which remain nameless – but isn’t LinkedIn for those of you asking – celebrated contemporary figurative sculpture artist, Jennine Parker apparently loves girly rom-com movies, dance music ..... view full range of Jennine Parker's work »

There’s something of the Beryl Cooks about exciting contemporary figurative sculpture artist, Joanne Panayi’s tell-tale three-dimensional works, along with an illustrative flash of the Burlesque to our mind. But that’s only to our mind, as you will ..... view full range of Joanne Panayi's work »

Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine how a five year old would complete a self portrait of themselves. Or alternatively, draw a picture of mummy and daddy, their big sister and spotty the family dog. An honest image, yes. Perspective a bit, ..... view full range of John Wilson's work »

There’s way more to critically acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Jonathan Shaw than first meets the eye. Like for example, the fact that he’s pretty darn useful/good at contemporary figurative art too, which perhaps isn’t as flagged up as it ..... view full range of Jonathan Shaw's work »

There’s not that many contemporary fine artists who admit to having being inspired by the works of painters and decorators we should imagine. But then the painters and decorators which leading UK contemporary figurative artist, Joy Kirton-Smith is r ..... view full range of Joy Kirton Smith's work »

An unusual grounding for a budding artist, but nevertheless one which piqued her interest and paved the way for future creative endeavours, albeit in the more conventional world of contemporary fine art, was Sheffield-born Kay Boyce’s childhood fasc ..... view full range of Kay Boyce's work »

Newcastle born and bred fine artist, Keith Proctor might have been producing stunning paintings all of his life – impressive enough – however on learning that the Geordie has received no formal training as such gives him even more kudos in our book. ..... view full range of Keith Proctor's work »

Tree of Tranquillity, Tree of Harmony, Twilight Tree, Tree of Patriotism, Tree of Temptation. It’s fair to assume that Darlington’s got a ‘thing’ for trees, as visually substantiated by one of the contemporary artist’s most popular and widely recogn ..... view full range of Kerry Darlington's work »

When it comes to truly expansive, canvas transforming, larger-than-life visual representations of traditional South African vistas and horizons, then there really is no better artist for the job than leading fine art exponent, Kim Donaldson. Typical ..... view full range of Kim Donaldson's work »

The Coulson family home was full of art during Lawrence Coulson’s childhood; larger than life, evocative, towering illustrative masterpieces from most notably the one, critically received landscape and aviation artist of his day. That was Coulson’s ..... view full range of Lawrence Coulson's work »

They refer to ‘she’ as the cat’s mother. Well they’d be right, whoever ‘they’ are as ‘she’ (Linda Jane Smith) is definitely the cat’s mother. Or their Creator-in-Paint that is. Whole legions of them. As far as the eye can see. Reclining on chase lon ..... view full range of Linda Jane Smith's work »

Rather like Anthony Gormley’s famous beach-based life-sized sculptures (based on repetitive casts of himself) stand and stare out towards ‘Another Place’, acclaimed contemporary sculpture artist, Lucien Vin’s (albeit scaled down) statuettes look equ ..... view full range of Lucien Vin's work »

The eldest of seven children, Mackenzie Thorpe was born in Middlesbrough in 1956 and akin to most young male members of communities in the North East back then, his future was already signposted toward the shipyards or steelworks - both redolent of ..... view full range of Mackenzie Thorpe's work »

Born and bred in Devon on England’s South West coastal fringes, Sculptor Mandy Long is the youngest of four siblings. Whilst Long’s father was a local primary school head teacher, her mother dedicated her time to being just that, a mum. However she ..... view full range of Mandy Long's work »

Michael Jackson was born in the North West of England in 1961 and educated at Preston High School. He has always been a keen ornithologist and had a bird sanctuary in his younger years from which taught him about conservation and environmental aware ..... view full range of Michael Jackson's work »

Dancing, jigging, sparing, boxing, playing, cavorting. There are so many explanations as to just what Michael Simpson’s majestic hares are up to as he captures them in his signature bronze sculptured casts, but of course the narrative is all the vie ..... view full range of Michael Simpson's work »

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent it was written in the stars that celebrated contemporary sculpture artist, Mick Simpson would end up working in clay, once he’s shown the merest of initial interest in following an art-based career path. Stoke, as everyon ..... view full range of Mick Simpson's work »

Precious few fine artists frame the very likeness of an animal or familiar family pet in the same way as rightly trumpeted contemporary wildlife exponent, Mike Sibley. Specialising in graphite pencil work for the biggest part of 30 years now, Sibley ..... view full range of Mike Sibley's work »

Although believing his future lay in art from a relatively early age, fine artist, Neil Dawson’s creative education didn’t go entirely to plan; and very nearly didn’t happen at all. Despite showing much enthusiasm and talent for the subject during h ..... view full range of Neil Dawson's work »

Leading contemporary fine artist, Nel Whatmore boasts an impressive creative CV to say the least, and one which is ever diverse. Conventional 2D artist, glass sculptor, textile designer, published poet…you name a creative genre and there’s a good ch ..... view full range of Nel Whatmore's work »

Retrievers, Collies, Labradors, Spaniels, Terriers. You name any gun dog or canine involved in countryside pursuits, and the chances are that critically acclaimed dog and wildlife artist, Nigel Hemming has recreated its exact likeness in a host of s ..... view full range of Nigel Hemming's work »

Growing up during the 1960s and 70s in an industrially-pioneered and landscaped Birmingham, Paul Horton remains steadfastly and resolutely proud of his working class heritage in the heartlands of the Black Country. After attending the Bournville Sch ..... view full range of Paul Horton's work »

A pivotal juncture in celebrated fine artist, Paul Kenton’s formative years was his family’s upping sticks from land-locking Derby, and his birthplace, and relocating to the West Country when he was eight years of age. With the onset of adolescence ..... view full range of Paul Kenton's work »

Celebrated contemporary abstract landscape and animal artist, Peter Adderley’s compositions are like a breath of fresh air blowing in and removing the cobwebs gathered by so-so art from the same genre. Adderley’s larger than life studies of all thin ..... view full range of Peter Adderley's work »

Widely respected contemporary wildlife artist, Peter Hildick, born in Middlesex in 1949 is a self-confessed lover of both animals and the countryside, and was introduced to, and surrounded by the aforementioned throughout his happy childhood near Ba ..... view full range of Peter Hildick's work »

Heavy industrial images tend to be the (more than welcome) norm for many an artist who has grown up in and around the North East of England, a proud and resolute region and people who’s previous generations were collectively responsible for the accu ..... view full range of Peter Knox's work »

Peter Smith was born and bred in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire in 1967, and recalls an avid interest in art from an early age in his upbringing. A young, impressionable Smith would take a deal of pleasure in witnessing every facet of life that evolve ..... view full range of Peter Smith's work »

Much celebrated contemporary landscape artist, Philip Gray is seemingly besotted with the ocean and dramatic coastal vistas per se, as anyone who has spared his illustratively towering work a mere cursory glance would concur. Intoxicatingly colourif ..... view full range of Philip Gray's work »

Contemporary fine artist and sculpture artist-cum-recycling extraordinaire, Philip Stuttard has seen and done it all. Not in an annoying ‘nah nah nah nah nah’ way (pulls tongue, looks cocky), more of your well-travelled/life experience way. And well ..... view full range of Philip Stuttard's work »

With a raft of album cover, record sleeve and magazine commissions behind her, as well as the completion of art work on behalf of Paul McCartney’s Music Academy, respected illustrative artist Rebecca Lardner has made something of a name for herself ..... view full range of Rebecca Lardner's work »

Born in 1938 in Ohio, Robert Heindel pursued a passion for art all through his early years, displaying a love for drawing as he grew up, sadly this was to be prematurely cut short as he was unable to study art and he took up a position at an art stu ..... view full range of Robert Heindel's work »

What’s there left to say about one, if not THE, founding fathers of the critically acclaimed Surrealist art movement (a movement which the legacy of is still very much seen alive and kicking in many genres of contemporary art), namely Salvador Dali? ..... view full range of Salvador Dali's work »

It’s fair to say that Egyptians know a thing or three about monumental construction, as certain physical evidence found at various sites of historical significance both outside of Cairo and all down the banks of the River Nile support; in terms of p ..... view full range of Sam Shendi's work »

Having been handed a set of oil paints by her father for the first time as an excited 8 year old with a prodigious talent for the creation of art, Hitchin born and bred contemporary fine artist, Sarah Graham has barely looked back, as she’s looked t ..... view full range of Sarah Graham's work »

Some people always tend to be a bit pessimistic and glum (glass half empty types), whilst others tend to look on the bright side of life (glasses half full peeps); who we salute. But then when you’re sat propped up in a hospital bed as a child, post ..... view full range of Sarah Jane Szikora's work »

Sherree Valentine-Daines is known to many art lovers and collectors (including endorsements from the members of the British Royal Family) for her portraits and figurative work focussing on stars of the stage, screen and sports fields, having built u ..... view full range of Sherree Valentine Daines's work »

Displaying an impressive penchant for capturing a selection of the globe’s female cultural icons – from the worlds of silver screen, fashion, modelling and music – in resplendent, detail-lavish glory, figurative artist Simon Claridge has made it his ..... view full range of Simon Claridge's work »

Born in Corbridge, Northumberland in 1958, Tim Bulmer spent much of his childhood and adolescence living away at different boarding schools; which resulted in a lot of rugby, as those things always tend to do whether you want it to or not. Places wh ..... view full range of Tim Bulmer's work »

There’s something so darn wrong, yet conversely, so right about Todd White’s work that it almost hurts. Retro, yet smack, bang contemporary at the same time. Downright sexy, however equally reserved. With just enough reveal to keep polite circles ha ..... view full range of Todd White's work »

Wu Ching Ju was born in the rural area of Fonglin, Taiwan. Growing up she was fascinated by Chinese ancient traditions and studied oriental humanities in school. She relocated to America aged 22 and was then introduced to an old Chinese artist who t ..... view full range of Wu Ching Ju's work »