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Floral Prints by Artists

Acclaimed contemporary floral fine artist, Carol Matyia Ross is the woman behind an impressive portfolio of flora and fauna-inspired paintings; all vivaciously yet sympathetically popularised in both original canvas form and reproductive limited edi ..... view full range of Carol Matyia Ross's work »

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama believes that her background in art therapy stood her in good stead for the transition to becoming a fully fledged professional artist. Whilst an art therapist she regularly educated and encouraged people of all ages with a ..... view full range of Danielle O'Connor Akiyama's work »

Flowers, eh. Van Gogh did them. So did Monet. And a host of other iconic artists. On such artist, who, arguably, isn’t usually mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned canvas-botherers, is Britain’s own, Derek Brown. And let us tell yo ..... view full range of Derek Brown's work »

They say that that life on the sea shapes many men’s lives beyond the ordinary, and that’s a theory that celebrated landscape artist, Duncan MacGregor could well empathise with as someone who’s days have never been pitched too far away from the coas ..... view full range of Duncan MacGregor's work »

Born in 1945, John Myatt grew up as the son of a farmer but upon coming of age attended art school and discovered an innate talent for mimicking other artists' styles. Upon graduation he worked as a songwriter, writing such songs as the single "Sill ..... view full range of John Myatt's work »

Celebrated and hugely-popular contemporary fine artist, Kelly Jane recalls her schooldays well, especially her junior school ones. She particular remembers school plays or other large projects which took place and being in the thick of the artistic ..... view full range of Kelly Jane's work »

Contemporary still life and landscape/cityscape artist, Kevin Blackham’s brand of art is truly unique. A much bandied around word, we know, however on this occasion – and to the best of our knowledge – factually correct. To our minds there’s simply ..... view full range of Kevin Blackham's work »

Leading contemporary fine artist, Nel Whatmore boasts an impressive creative CV to say the least, and one which is ever diverse. Conventional 2D artist, glass sculptor, textile designer, published poet…you name a creative genre and there’s a good ch ..... view full range of Nel Whatmore's work »

With colours so sharp and real that you could almost reach into the canvas and touch the rainbow (a Skittles reference there for you, free of charge), predominant subject matter in Bull’s artistic scope over the years has been that of floral illustr ..... view full range of Simon Bull's work »

You can’t keep a good man down, and the same applies for those slightly more wicked. And a certain Timmy Mallett unapologetically fell into the later camp it has to be said. Wickedly funny that is. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s Mallett was omnipres ..... view full range of Timmy Mallett's work »