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Contemporary Prints by Artists

The very visual and audio backdrop and soundscape of an overtly fashionable 1960s that was at the vanguard of a generation-defining groundswell of creative and social revolution, formed the scenario in which contemporary artist, A J Callan’s childho ..... view full range of A J Callan's work »

The humble and otherwise Milky Way Bar set acclaimed contemporary landscape and figurative artist on his way, creatively speaking, back in the mists of time as an art-obsessed 7-year old looking to impress his teacher - and claim the first prize of ..... view full range of Adam Barsby's work »

Old ladies exchanging chitter-chatter on street corners, that exhausted old man plotting his coordinates homeward after a long, hard day or that little dog marking its territory on the lamppost in the middle distance. These images and much more besi ..... view full range of Alexander Millar's work »

Born in 1963, Annora Spence is a graduate of both (then) Liverpool and Birmingham Polytechnics having studied Printed Textiles at both higher educational institutions in the early 1980s. On the conclusion of her advanced studies in the subject at MA ..... view full range of Annora Spence's work »

Having being told that the only artist previously in her family spiralled into a maelstrom of depression only to wind up institutionalised, it’s no wonder that acclaimed contemporary fine artist, Berit Kruger-Johnsen’s family didn’t exactly encourag ..... view full range of Berit Kruger Johnsen's work »

Sadly recently passing away after battling illness, celebrated and hugely popular contemporary landscape artist, Bill Tolley’s legacy is one of towering illustrative substance and needs to be seen to be believed. Characterised by beautifully coloure ..... view full range of Bill Tolley's work »

To the untrained eye, Billy Connolly’s contemporary art appears to be the sort of doodles we create when we’re sat on the phone for a period, seemingly bored of the conversation. Predominantly black ink sketches of non-descript things. Unfulfilling ..... view full range of Billy Connolly's work »

As far removed as it creatively can be from the subject matter of riders and romping author, Jilly Cooper, celebrated Turkish contemporary animal artist, Birim Aksüyek also clearly has a passion for horses. However any additional comparisons resound ..... view full range of Birim's work »

et has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember. Whether it was creating something original or reproducing film posters that had caught his eye, as a child his pencils were never far away.

Whilst attending Bournemouth ..... view full range of Bret Burkmar's work »

Go on. Just how many twins can you name? Famous ones that is. In movie land there’s the Gyllenhaal siblings, Jake and Maggie and the Olsens, Mary-Jo and Kate-Beth or whatever they’re called. There have been a few in international football circles to ..... view full range of Chris & Steve Rocks's work »

Arguably best known – and immediately recognised as a contemporary figurative artist – for his iconic portraits formed by clusters of tiny people, the hugely popular and critically acclaimed Craig Alan has generated an impressive followings amongst ..... view full range of Craig Alan's work »

Growing up in the 1980s the only tiny, pale brown-coloured characters we recall are TV’s Morph and his mate, Chad; who used to regularly appear on the BBC’s Take Hart programme which was aimed at encouraging kids to take up art. Which some of us dul ..... view full range of Daisy Boman's work »

Soaring, uplifting, infinitely joyous colours and candy-tipped scenes await those whose retinas land on a Dale Bowen visual number, and this is no exaggeration of wanton claim. Those same eyes are met with a dazzling array of bubble-gum hues and sat ..... view full range of Dale Bowen's work »

There’s no denying that acclaimed contemporary fine artist, Dani Bergson’s got a thing for cats. If she hadn’t, then she wouldn’t dedicated so much of her time painting the likeness of her feline friends. Square-bodied cats, oblong-bodied cats, tall ..... view full range of Dani Bergson's work »

Hugely popular contemporary landscape artist, Derrick Fielding’s first canvases were somewhat unconventional, even by artist’s sometimes suspect standards; being as they were the backs of wallpaper rolls. Far from being an arty statement of somethin ..... view full range of Derrick Fielding's work »

Warmth, comfort, belonging, understanding, acceptance, togetherness and respect, along with fun, adventure, exploration and ultimately, love and companionship for life are the words and phrases any fan of contemporary artist, Doug Hyde would use to ..... view full range of Doug Hyde's work »

Critically acclaimed contemporary cityscape artist, Dylan REALLY goes to illustrative town on his typically larger (and wobblier) than life compositions, as viewed hereabouts. His famed wibbly-wobbly buildings and iconic landmarks, visually executed ..... view full range of Dylan Izaak's work »

With greetings cards, t-shirts and various other merchandise to his name (or rather that of one of his most iconic/successful ‘artistic’ creations), Edward Monkton is the man behind the hugely phenomenal (other superlatives are available) series of ..... view full range of Edward Monkton's work »

Contemporary landscape fine artist, Elaine Cooper admits to having been engulfed by vivid colours and textures all of her working life, yet surprisingly was never employed as fellow artist and TV presenter, Timmy Mallett’s wardrobe assistant. Orig ..... view full range of Elaine Cooper's work »

A child of the late 60's, Emma studied at Camberwell College of Arts gaining a 1st class BA hons degree for fine art illustration.
She has worked as a freelance illustrator and muralist, commissioned by the likes of Harrods,Coca Cola,The Indepen ..... view full range of Emma Brownjohn's work »

Rather like Peter Smith has his ‘Impossimals’, equally exciting contemporary figurative artist, Garry Floyd has his ‘Luvimals’; a collection of pseudo-animated cuddlies who – predominantly cuter-than-cute-has-a-right-to-be teddy bears – ..... view full range of Garry Floyd's work »

Not being in receipt of any formal art training hasn’t held contemporary landscape artist Gary Walton back in any way whatsoever, and as is the case with many of his peers successfully carving out a professional art career in this genre, self-taught ..... view full range of Gary Walton's work »

Cheery, breezy and upbeat in the main, contemporary landscape and figurative artist, George Somerville’s keynote paintings capture the very essence of the working man of yore; only at rest and play rather than their place of labour. From walking the ..... view full range of George Somerville's work »

Inspired by her father’s paintings depicting seascape and mountainous vistas, habitually populated by children, contemporary landscape photographer/painter, Gloria Marojevic speaks candidly and affectionately with regards to a childhood filled with ..... view full range of Gloria Marojevic's work »

His work has found its way onto a host of greetings cards and even Liverpool’s railway stations have succumbed to the highly illustrative appeal of a certain painter going by the name of Grant Searl. Flirting with humour – never better illustrated t ..... view full range of Grant Searl's work »

Jeff Rowland’s earliest inspiration to take up art came from the most unlikeliest of sources; notably his Grandmother’s passion for her painting by number set of oils she used to frequent when he was a youngster. When broached on the subject, Rowlan ..... view full range of Jeff Rowland's work »

There’s brown, and then there’s BROWN. As we are already well aware mud is brown, as are camels (only a paler brown), whilst pale ale is notoriously brown, as are nuts and assorted pine cones. And Monks habits. But there’s never been a brown as inte ..... view full range of Jennifer Hogwood's work »

Contemporary Fine Artist, Jeremy Sanders; “My paintings reflect a positive view of life, I hope that like a good book, they have a narrative that to some degree you can get lost in.”

We’ve all seen them. In American movies. On the pages of ..... view full range of Jeremy Sanders's work »

Often being confused on a search engine request for namesake John Holt, the reggae music artist rather than the contemporary landscape artist we’re concentrating on here, our John Holt instantly diffuses the stressful situation with the presentation ..... view full range of John Holt's work »

Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine how a five year old would complete a self portrait of themselves. Or alternatively, draw a picture of mummy and daddy, their big sister and spotty the family dog. An honest image, yes. Perspective a bit, ..... view full range of John Wilson's work »

20000 Leagues under the Sea, The Abyss, Thunderball, Jaws. All at some part filmed underwater, looking up towards the surface. Just like celebrated contemporary fine wildlife and landscape artist, Julie Ann Scott pioneers, although in her case prese ..... view full range of Julie Ann Scott's work »

Born in the UK’s capital city in 1962, acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Keith Fulford has made creating unique visions of his native London a literal (and very much visual, obviously) art form since turning professional. Which just for (this ..... view full range of Keith Fulford's work »

Celebrated and hugely-popular contemporary fine artist, Kelly Jane recalls her schooldays well, especially her junior school ones. She particular remembers school plays or other large projects which took place and being in the thick of the artistic ..... view full range of Kelly Jane's work »

Tree of Tranquillity, Tree of Harmony, Twilight Tree, Tree of Patriotism, Tree of Temptation. It’s fair to assume that Darlington’s got a ‘thing’ for trees, as visually substantiated by one of the contemporary artist’s most popular and widely recogn ..... view full range of Kerry Darlington's work »

Contemporary still life and landscape/cityscape artist, Kevin Blackham’s brand of art is truly unique. A much bandied around word, we know, however on this occasion – and to the best of our knowledge – factually correct. To our minds there’s simply ..... view full range of Kevin Blackham's work »

In 2012 celebrated contemporary fine artist and furniture/furnishings designer (and one time TV stalwart), Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen rounded on Swedish flat-pack kings, Ikea by claiming that their bedrooms furniture designs are – and to quote the form ..... view full range of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen's work »

With titles like, ‘Wishing On A Star, Magical Shores, Follow Your Dreams’ and ‘Enchanted Dream’, you won’t be altogether rocked to read that celebrated contemporary landscape artist, Libby Lord paints lovely pictures of the sea, harbours, beaches an ..... view full range of Libby Lord's work »

‘Natural, meditation, essence, contemplation’ and ‘aspects’ are words, or rather titles, which crop up with regularity when looking through popular contemporary abstract artist, Linda Charles’ works of art. Not that this is A) a bad thing or B) impl ..... view full range of Linda Charles's work »

With most of his family being either artists or designers, it was probably written in the stars that Anglo-Italian contemporary portrait artist, Louis Sidoli would become something similar. This commonly held view wasn’t detracted from when you disc ..... view full range of Louis Sidoli's work »

Celebrated contemporary portrait and figurative fine artist, Louise Dear was born in Hampshire, a county found in the south east of England in 1963, and from an early age showed considerable interest in both fashion and art. Whilst art may have won ..... view full range of Louise Dear's work »

The eldest of seven children, Mackenzie Thorpe was born in Middlesbrough in 1956 and akin to most young male members of communities in the North East back then, his future was already signposted toward the shipyards or steelworks - both redolent of ..... view full range of Mackenzie Thorpe's work »

If you’ve got a penchant for loved-up, lovelorn or just lovely little characters and/or classic pianos, then you’re just gonna, er, love Mark Grieves’ trailblazing contemporary art. Harking back to a forgotten time of black and white, music hall rom ..... view full range of Mark Grieves's work »

In-demand contemporary landscape and figurative artist, Mark Spain first came to the public’s attention it’s fair to say in 1987, when he was chosen by Kew Gardens to create a collection of etchings to commemorate the re-structuring of one of London ..... view full range of Mark Spain's work »

The name Michael Vaughan may resonate with cricket fans of a certain vintage, on account of him being the batsman and captain of the England cricket squad who at the time (2005) led the team to Ashes victory over the old adversaries, Australia after ..... view full range of Michael Vaughan's work »

Cellos, horses, ballerinas, cartoon-esque animals, contorted houses, scooters and bison. No, not a contestant recounting all that they’ve just witnessed on one time Saturday night TV game show, The Generation Game’s product-packed conveyer belt, but ..... view full range of Mike Jackson's work »

Born in Epsom in 1973, contemporary figurative and abstract artist-to-watch, Nadeem Chughtai enjoyed his childhood growing up in Worcester Park, South London and showed much early promise with his drawing and sketching according to family and friend ..... view full range of Nadeem Chughtai's work »

Although believing his future lay in art from a relatively early age, fine artist, Neil Dawson’s creative education didn’t go entirely to plan; and very nearly didn’t happen at all. Despite showing much enthusiasm and talent for the subject during h ..... view full range of Neil Dawson's work »

Leading contemporary fine artist, Nel Whatmore boasts an impressive creative CV to say the least, and one which is ever diverse. Conventional 2D artist, glass sculptor, textile designer, published poet…you name a creative genre and there’s a good ch ..... view full range of Nel Whatmore's work »

Cats, teddy bears, handbags, shoes, furniture, bodices. That’s a right mix of artistic subject matter by anyone’s standards we would have thought, yet one which sums up acclaimed contemporary cat, teddy bear, handbag, shoe, furniture and bodice (ant ..... view full range of Nicky Belton's work »

Penguins. Fascinated over by David Attenborough, often found hilariously slipping and sliding on icebergs on YouTube and even have a c-c-c-c-c-chocolate bar named after them. So proving their popularity and cementing their inclusion in our psyche. A ..... view full range of Nicola Read's work »

Detail ruled eventual landscape artist, Paul Corfield’s early artistic life. Strictly adhering to form and structure and ensuring that every minute detail was logged, pictorially almost became an obsession for Corfield, the budding artist. His drawi ..... view full range of Paul Corfield's work »

Growing up during the 1960s and 70s in an industrially-pioneered and landscaped Birmingham, Paul Horton remains steadfastly and resolutely proud of his working class heritage in the heartlands of the Black Country. After attending the Bournville Sch ..... view full range of Paul Horton's work »

There’s not an awful lot known about Pei Yang. Not that he’s an elusive, shadowy figure like; say famed graffiti artist, Banksy, but more the underlying fact that he’s perhaps not quite as forthcoming as some of his contempories; instead preferring ..... view full range of Pei Yang's work »

Born on the 25th of June 1932 in Dartford, Kent, Peter Blake attended the Gravesend Technical College and School of Art upon coming of age in 1946 before attending the Royal College of Art in London in 1950. During his time there he came to love Pop ..... view full range of Peter Blake's work »

A world characterized by astonishing reflections and mesmerising shadows is probably the best way to sum up acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Peter J Rodgers’ work, composed as they are amid powerful and evocative canvases which reach out and ..... view full range of Peter J Rodgers's work »

Peter Smith was born and bred in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire in 1967, and recalls an avid interest in art from an early age in his upbringing. A young, impressionable Smith would take a deal of pleasure in witnessing every facet of life that evolve ..... view full range of Peter Smith's work »

Contemporary fine artist and sculpture artist-cum-recycling extraordinaire, Philip Stuttard has seen and done it all. Not in an annoying ‘nah nah nah nah nah’ way (pulls tongue, looks cocky), more of your well-travelled/life experience way. And well ..... view full range of Philip Stuttard's work »

Celebrated contemporary fine artist, Richard Farrant has a knack for tying walking, cycling, dancing, horse racing and vehicles of tranportational means together in the most appealing way; that being by capturing the engine rooms of these very diver ..... view full range of Richard Farrant's work »

If luminous quality compositions of cats and dogs are your bag, then Roger Hutchings is unquestionable your man. Affectionately known in certain (artistic) quarters as ‘Hutch’, Hutchings is what’s otherwise referred to in the business as a contempor ..... view full range of Roger Hutchings's work »

What’s there left to say about one, if not THE, founding fathers of the critically acclaimed Surrealist art movement (a movement which the legacy of is still very much seen alive and kicking in many genres of contemporary art), namely Salvador Dali? ..... view full range of Salvador Dali's work »

Having been handed a set of oil paints by her father for the first time as an excited 8 year old with a prodigious talent for the creation of art, Hitchin born and bred contemporary fine artist, Sarah Graham has barely looked back, as she’s looked t ..... view full range of Sarah Graham's work »

Born and bred in Keighley in Yorkshire in 1972, one of the UK’s most acclaimed contemporary figurative artists, Shazia makes a pleasing habit of conjuring up delightful images of small children with exaggerated heads, yet minimalist features, care o ..... view full range of Shazia's work »

With colours so sharp and real that you could almost reach into the canvas and touch the rainbow (a Skittles reference there for you, free of charge), predominant subject matter in Bull’s artistic scope over the years has been that of floral illustr ..... view full range of Simon Bull's work »

With over two decades of professional painting behind him, the much-admired and collected Dublin-born contemporary abstract artist, Simon Kenny continues to go from strength to strength in his acknowledged genre. Indeed, it’s only in more recent yea ..... view full range of Simon Kenny's work »

Celebrated contemporary abstract artist, Sue Guthrie enjoyed something of an idyllic childhood, as do many artists, who benefit nothing but joyous memories of a youth well spent. But then when you’re brought up in a small village in the heart of rur ..... view full range of Sue Guthrie's work »

Born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, on the 13th of October 1915, Terry Frost excelled through his school life but upon finishing school in 1930, took up a job in a cycle shop, followed by many other jobs in the nearby area. As the forties rolled a ..... view full range of Terry Frost's work »

Born in Corbridge, Northumberland in 1958, Tim Bulmer spent much of his childhood and adolescence living away at different boarding schools; which resulted in a lot of rugby, as those things always tend to do whether you want it to or not. Places wh ..... view full range of Tim Bulmer's work »

There’s something so darn wrong, yet conversely, so right about Todd White’s work that it almost hurts. Retro, yet smack, bang contemporary at the same time. Downright sexy, however equally reserved. With just enough reveal to keep polite circles ha ..... view full range of Todd White's work »

‘Artist painting contemporary, funky cows with the odd smattering of sheep, pigs and donkeys in oil on canvas..for money!’ As selling copy goes, that pretty much nails it in but a single sentence. Well, that’s what the artist does according to their ..... view full range of Toni Hargreaves's work »

Tony Linsell was born in 1947 in London. He showed artistic talent from very early on and spent much of his spare time painting and drawing from imagination. He attended a course entitles Studio Practice where he learnt to illustrate in a range of s ..... view full range of Tony Linsell's work »

There’s almost a Banksy-esque aura of mystery surrounding contemporary figurative art newcomer, Zinsky, in as much as he’s very elusive and does his level best to evade the public’s eye, much like the notorious Bristolian graffiti artist who leaves ..... view full range of Zinsky's work »