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Tony Hinchcliffe

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Spending thousands of hours drawing figures from life, Tony’s figurative painting style is all about depicting the mood and intimacy of a moment. Using a loose approach to brush work, he is spontaneous while carefully considering placement of strong contrasting values to add depth. He enjoys capturing the little details in body language, that can suggest all manner of narrative, with emphasis on the theme that everyone deserves to be loved.

Always drawn to the sense of escapism that comes with creating his work, Tony is passionate about exploring creativity and constantly developing his techniques to keep a feeling of energy in his work. His preferred medium is oil paint, but he occasionally creates an acrylic under painting first as he likes the way the oil paint behaves when applied over the acrylic. Often, he will dilute the oil pant down with turpentine in the initial stages and use it like watercolour.
His main inspiration comes from being outside, studying people, oceans, landscapes and skies in all weather conditions.

One of his latest projects is about depicting skies and landscapes at altitude and the challenge of capturing light that comes with that, as his other passion in life is flying in his paramotor and exploring the inside of clouds.