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Elaine Jones

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One thing’s for certain, and that’s Elaine Jones must have amassed a fair few quid’s worth of Air Miles as she’s circumnavigated the globe in the name of her art. That’s right, THE Elaine Jones THE exciting contemporary fine artist, as opposed to a possible Elaine Jones, British Airways cabin crew. France, Costa Rica, Panama, the Arctic. STOP! Wait. Re-wind. The Arctic?! A bit off the map for people other than Sir Ranulph Fiennes and BBC2’s Top Gear crew most would concur, yet for intrepid artist, Jones, she’ll leave no stone (or block of solid ice) unturned as she strives to seek out the perfect inspired vista or out-of-this-world horizon on which to base her next composition. And you have to salute that mentality, really you do.

Jones was raised in the Midlands and chose to study art at Newcastle-under-Lyme College on leaving secondary education, before embarking on a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree course at Loughborough University. It was whilst in this higher educational environ that Jones was fortunate enough to take part in a 6-month exchange to Granada University in Spain, on the back of winning the fine art award that particular year. These opportunities afforded Jones the chance to further enhance her painting knowledge base, while also pursue her interest in landscape illustration to a greater extent.

On returning to her native UK, and on competing her course at Loughborough, Jones’ creative career prospects were done no harm whatsoever when the multi-national, Welcome Breaks Hotel chain purchased her entire degree show artworks, in an unprecedented move few have witnessed previously. This remarkable series of events gave Jones the self-confidence and assurance that she could make a go of it as a professional artist, and from 1998 she has based herself in a city centre studio in Bristol where she also now resides, and is renowned for her experimental work with regards to collage and figuration through to her more widely acknowledged and accessible, abstraction.

The bulk of Jones’ work has been inspired by her expeditions which have taken in the aforementioned countries and sometimes hostile terrains, and this influence can be observed best in the artist’s application of the green and orange hues and saturations of sublime colouration brought about by the in-the-flesh scrutiny of such global sunsets like those she was privy to on the continent, the monumental rainfall and cloud forests Jones was party to in Central America and of course, the sharply contrasting ice paintings derivative of her recent Arctic travails. This unique, draconian landscape, complete with its 24 hour sunlight gave Jones an even broader canvas from which to ply her visually spectacular trade, resulting in a collection of moody and pictorially dramatic translations and compositional interpretations of the mirror calm icy waters indicative of this breath-taking plateau.

Jones then sets about manipulating the paint so as to originate the most minimal and fleeting of tonal planes, rudimentary linear structures, splodges and drips; thus creating a delicate and calculated balance between control and accident which personify this specific collection. Typically Jones outlines and lays down the rough sketches on location as it were, yet it’s when she returns to the studio that the real magic starts to unfurl and ultimately present itself. After that starting point, a Jones canvas will entertain and indeed, invite distortion, exaggeration, poured paint, intense texture, smooth brushstrokes and incidental marks, which all conspire to afford the canvas an energy and atmosphere all of its own. The finished blend is intoxicating to the naked eye, as unfolding before you is the visual contradiction in compositional terms of this serene calm, countered by seemingly powerful near-explosions of colour so as to provide this unique, captivating portrayal of nature in its wildest forms.

Jones’ work can be seen exhibited throughout the UK and Europe on a regular basis at a selection of galleries, whilst her back catalogue of original work has successfully found new homes in private collections far and wide.