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Leanne Christie

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Leanne Christie was originally born in Warwickshire, England, but during her teenage years relocated to Cornwall on the coast near Gwithian Towans- this area later became Leanne’s main inspiration for her many seascapes. Professionally painting for over 20 years, she has been described as one of the most prolific artists in recent years.

One of Leanne’s earliest memories was of watching her mother sketching and painting in her art studio. Growing up surrounded by paint and canvases, it was very easy for her to form an interest in art at an early age. Leanne is now living in Devon, drawing inspiration from the ever-changing moorlands, beautiful coastlines and famous floral hedgerows.

All Leanne’s paintings are predominantly oil, embellished with glitter, jewels and gold leaf. These unique paintings, regardless of whether they are flowerscapes, seascapes, waterscapes or moorlands are textured with an almost three-dimensional feel. The observer feels drawn into the painting. Depending on the time of day or year, the light plays a magical part in making the paintings come to life. Her vibrant and ethereal style have an astonishing amount of detail in them and contributes to reputation as an artist whose work is highly sought after.