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Georgia Ducco

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Dogs, cats, pigs and cows. Deliriously happy dogs, cats, pigs and cows. Deliriously happy dogs, cats, pigs and cows gleefully running through summery meadows, gnawing on oversized bones and catching forty winks sat on the moon. These are just some of the near-animated, highly illustrative antics that contemporary humourous/animal artist, Georgia Ducco graphically instils in her finest canvas and print moments for our pleasure. And there’s absolutely no harm in that. Gloriously opulent in colouration, magnanimously welcoming in pictorial appeal and generously uplifting of spirits, there’s no doubting in our mind that Ducco’s animals would grace the cover of any greetings card. Providing the inside verse was about celebrating someone’s birthday, Mother’s Day or new home acquiring, rather than respectfully acknowledging someone’s recent illness or passing. Thankfully we’re not the only ones to see this potential, as Ducco currently divides her time between her freelance duties of originating her own paintings and creating dedicated greetings cards based on her deliriously happy creature features.

So, where did it all go so deliriously right for Ducco you’re probably enquiring at this stage? Born in 1971 in Alessandria in Italy, on completing her schooling Ducco attended Milan’s Institute of European Design (Milan? Italy? Style? Panache? see where this is headed?), before making the move to England to continue her studies at Chelsea College of Art in London. However, on graduating, Ducco took up the role of window dresser for the English Teddy Bear Company, employing her obvious creativity in a slightly less obvious fashion than we might have expected. But of course, Ducco soon grew tired of positioning bears in various customer-friendly poses in shop windows and instead chose to pursue a career in art, which was after all her calling in life, and which now sees her precariously balancing the two creative obligations.

Inspiration for her gregarious and playful animal-based compositions (and cards! Don’t forget the cards!) comes courtesy of her love of animals (quell surprise), coupled with the perceived innocence of children’s games, whilst Ducco’s flatmate, Lula, provides the biggest and most recurrent source of creative inspiration. When you learn that Lula is in fact her canine chum, then this makes a deal of sense. Ducco is a firm believer that colours can ultimately affect and determine mood and be instrumental as an illustrative catalyst for joy and a sense of elation. With this in mind, Ducco habitually strives to create eye-catching, joyous images that seek to make us all smile, by combining vivacious hues and saturations with the abject spontaneity of typical animal behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, given the nature of her pieces and the fact that they lend themselves so fortuitously to greetings card interpretation, Ducco’s trademark works have gone down a treat and made waves in the contemporary art world in a very short space of time, with demand for her superb original compositions burgeoning recently. What’s more, Ducco’s successful international exhibitions – where her brand of art has been showcased extensively – coupled with the recent launch of her artwork in limited edition print formats as well, will ensure that an even wider audience of potential buyers and collectors are exposed to the talented artist’s imaginative, light-hearted images which melt even the coldest of hearts. Trust us.