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Peter Wileman

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Master of all fine art trades that he’s ever turned his creative hand to, celebrated abstract, still life and figurative exponent of the brushes, Peter Wileman has been responsible for a diverse array of breath-taking landscape pieces over the last four decades, as much as any other genre. Capturing mesmerising vistas from London, Devon and Cornwall to Venice, Prague and Paris, Wileman has spent a number of years cementing the unique, yet quintessentially true perspectives and visual documentation of an eclectic list of city, town, coastal and seascapes, and continues to do so to this day.

Art is Wileman’s life blood though, ever since he first picked up his paints as a child; a happy childhood spent in Middlesex having being born there back in 1946. On leaving school Wileman entered the commercial art industry, pursuing his initial career with a greetings card publishing company, whereby he studied and developed the disciplines of both lettering and design. As he took this role as far as he could at the time, Wileman then moved on to assume the position of Art Editor for a number of titles; yet all the while in the background would plug away with his own personal art in a more freelance capacity. Wileman appreciated the freedom that this allowed his work to develop and evolve into becoming.

His moonlighting paid off, as eventually Wileman branched out as a professional fine artist on his own two feet and has gone on to forge a hugely successful and fulfilling career since, originating and crafting countless individual pieces and collections, encompassing many genres of fine art, although as hinted earlier, predominantly always returning to his favourite, landscapes. In terms of Wileman’s definitive style, and above anything else it’s considered bold, vibrant and vigorous in the main, especially with regard to use of his colour palette and the physical handling, blending and presentation of the painted piece. It’s also self-evident that Wileman is masterful in his habitual exploration of the manner in which light casts effects on his chosen subject matters, and constantly strives to secure an atmosphere through his adoption of light and colouration, which he typically works in varying degrees of abstraction.

Plaudits, awards and the rising to positions of standing in the fine art industry have all followed in Wileman’s case, with many of his hallmark compositions having been previously showcased at exhibitions of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the New English Art Club and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, of which he is now President as well as being a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. Honours have included receipt of the Frank Herring award in 2000 and the Cornelissen Prize in 2003 for outstanding work, whilst in 2006 Wileman was handed ‘The Clerc Fowle’ gold medal in acknowledgement of his most outstanding group of paintings nominated in that particular category. Elsewhere, and in 2007 Wileman was awarded the DAS Prize at London’s Mall Gallery for a specific work of distinction. What’s more Wileman received ‘The Charles Pears Award’ and ‘The Stanley Grimm Prize’ in 2010 along with‘The Dartington Crystal Chalic’ as of 2012.

Meanwhile Wileman’s paintings hang in numerous private collections globally and have also appeared on TV in various programmes too, while his views of Venice are presently taking pride of place in the floating gallery of the new P&O ocean liner, ‘The Ventura’, according to sources. Wileman’s varied compositional work has also been the primary subject on many specialist publications too, including the 2008 Townhouse Films release, ‘Painting the Light in Oils DVD, the ‘Inspirational Oil Landscapes’ DVD released in 2010 by the same distributors and ‘Painting Light in Oils’; a book published by Anova in 2011.