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Alexander Charles Jones (bio)
Celebrated contemporary animal (and in particular, horse) artist, Alexander Charles-Jones has horse racing in his blood and comes from a long line of horsey types; whilst art also figures pretty highly in his run of things as you can probably imagin ..... read more
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Carol Gillan (bio)
Having always found herself residing in photographing distance of farmsteads for most of her life, ever-popular contemporary animal artist, Carol Gillan was hopelessly destined to wile away her salad days creating the likenesses of all manner of far ..... read more
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Darren Baker (bio)
Critically-acclaimed contemporary figurative and portrait artist, Darren Baker was born into what he himself refers to as an ordinary working class family in 1976. A point of constant humour as a child being that Baker’s father was just that; a bake ..... read more
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Debbie Gillingham (bio)
Leading contemporary animal fine artist, Debbie Gillingham manages to successfully combine her two greatest passions in life, animals and painting to great effect, and it was largely due to her love of horses in particular that flung open the doors ..... read more
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Frederick J Haycock (bio)
Horses and hounds and various other country sports pursuits subject matter is, arguably, what respected landscape and animal fine artist, Frederick J Haycock is best known for in art circles. Suffice to say, hunting, shooting, fishing and other gami ..... read more
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Gary Hodges (bio)
Celebrated and endearingly popular contemporary animal artist, Gary Hodges has long been raising both the profile and moreover, substantial funds for conservation and environmental issues and charitable organisations for as long as he’s been acknowl ..... read more
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George Pickering (bio)
Nigel Hemming, Steven Townsend, Frederick J Haycock, Mick Cawston, Mike Sibley. Britain has produced and continues to produce a long and proud illustrative history of contemporary canine artists whose reputation is acknowledged across the globe. Ano ..... read more
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Graham Chambers (bio)
Graham Chambers is a successful agricultural theme artist; in as much as he’s your ‘go to’ man should you be in the market for a picture perfect composition of anything rural-based. Be it old Land-Rovers, tractors, collie dogs, traditional farm dwel ..... read more
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Hayley Goodhead (bio)
Contemporary fine artist with a distinct creative persuasion toward animals in either domesticated or wild eventualities, Hayley Goodhead is definitely riding on the crest of an artistic nu-wave, as she continues to emerge as one of the freshest and ..... read more
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Ian Nathan (bio)
Ian Nathan’s route to the top of his contemporary wildlife and sometime figurative and landscape art game wasn’t exactly a well-trodden one if we’re being perfectly honest, and took in a lot of alternative vocational scenery en route to where he fin ..... read more
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Jim Killen (bio)
Celebrated contemporary wildlife and animal artist, Jim Killen has dedicated his professional painting career to capturing the likeness of all manner of animals, seen in their natural habitat, and on the basis of the enviable reputation he’s forged ..... read more
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John Silver (bio)
The revered past masters of illustrative art, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Titian and Vermeer have all been instrumental in John Silver’s personal art education and continuing journey, as the (himself) critically acclaimed canine, equestrian, landscape and ..... read more
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John Trickett (bio)
From trained accountant to footballer to fine artist. Now that’s quite a journey by anyone’s standards, and usually the type of career progression you witness a soap opera character doing to be fair. Yet John Trickett is no actor (probably never the ..... read more
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Mandie Haywood (bio)
Routinely acknowledged as a Realism Artist, Mandie Haywood is fascinated and driven by the artistic capturing of animals on canvas; with dogs featuring prominently in her back catalogue of impressionism. An animal lover in the broadest sense of the ..... read more
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Michael Jackson (bio)
Michael Jackson was born in the North West of England in 1961 and educated at Preston High School. He has always been a keen ornithologist and had a bird sanctuary in his younger years from which taught him about conservation and environmental aware ..... read more
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Mick Cawston (bio)
Tragically passing away in 2006 at the age of just 47 years, the celebrated contemporary animal artist, Mick Cawston left behind him a proud legacy of illustrative art which more often than not focussed its incredibly detailed attentions on that of ..... read more
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Mike Sibley (bio)
Precious few fine artists frame the very likeness of an animal or familiar family pet in the same way as rightly trumpeted contemporary wildlife exponent, Mike Sibley. Specialising in graphite pencil work for the biggest part of 30 years now, Sibley ..... read more
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Nigel Hemming (bio)
Retrievers, Collies, Labradors, Spaniels, Terriers. You name any gun dog or canine involved in countryside pursuits, and the chances are that critically acclaimed dog and wildlife artist, Nigel Hemming has recreated its exact likeness in a host of s ..... read more
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Paul Doyle (bio)
If you thought TV’s Paul O’Grady had a thing for dogs, then just take a look at celebrated contemporary canine artist (and fellow Paul), Doyle’s body of work, and Lily Savage pales into insignificance. Seriously. You name a dog, and the chances are ..... read more
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Paul James (bio)
One of Paul James’s clearest first memories is that of re-creating the likeness of ‘Dr Who’ characters whilst at playschool at around the age of four. Quite how ‘like’ the Daleks and Cybermen they were hasn’t really been established by the now criti ..... read more
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Pippa Thew (bio)
Professional artists are more like us mortals than you might have previously thought. Take Torquay-based celebrated animal and figurative fine artist, Pippa Thew for example, who amongst her hobbies glibly lists antiques, walking her dogs on Dartmoo ..... read more
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Steven Townsend (bio)
There’s much more to acclaimed fine artist and photographer, Steven Townsend’s portfolio than merely stunning animal and wildlife compositions. Not that there’s anything ‘mere’ about Townsend’s illustratively dramatic and graphically compelling back ..... read more
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